KLOwen versus Lightforce

KLOwen Braces versus LightForce Braces

July 4, 2024

Technology continues to rapidly advance in all aspects of our lives, and orthodontics has started undergo its own digital revolution on how braces are approached. Traditionally, braces have used an analog approach where orthodontists manually place brackets on their patients’ teeth to their best estimate. The orthodontist then performs manual adjustments where they reposition the brackets or manually bend the wire to achieve their patients’ smile transformations. Most orthodontists still rely on these traditional, analog methods and struggle to adapt to new technologies. At Life Orthodontics, we are proud that Dr. Lee and Dr. Pi have helped lead this digital revolution with their research and opened the first office in Tustin to go fully digital. Their commitment to staying up-to-date with the most recent technology means that our patients receive the most efficient and predictable treatments possible.


Similarities between KLOwen and LightForce

KLOwen and LightForce have emerged as two of the prominent companies that manufacture custom, digital braces. They both follow a similar process where the orthodontist designs their patient’s smile on the computer. This custom, digital smile is then used to reverse engineer a patient-specific bracket position that is precisely transferred to the patient’s teeth with a 3D-printed custom tray. Having digitally planned bracket positions compared to the traditional, analog, manually placed bracket positions results in more accurate and efficient treatment. This means less adjustments and appointments for the patients when both of these digital treatment modalities are used. Because the main benefit of both options is digital treatment planning, which is done in similar ways with both companies, KLOwen and LightForce likely achieve similar results in similar treatment times.


Differences between KLOwen and LightForce

Despite their similarities, KLOwen and LightForce have some key differences. LightForce braces are crafted using 3D ceramic printing technology, so it exclusively offers only clear braces. While clear braces has improved esthetics, they tend to be larger and more prone to breakage than metal braces. Additionally, the 3D printing process of LightForce braces leads to higher costs, making them a more expensive option for patients. In contrast, KLOwen braces offer both metal and ceramic options with a more inexpensive manufacturing process, allowing for comparable results at a lower price point. Metal braces are particularly known for their durability and ease of use, often resulting in a smoother treatment process with less emergency visits. At Life Orthodontics, we have chosen to use KLOwen braces because they offer both metal and clear options at a lower cost for our patients.


The Orthodontist’s Role

Ultimately, the most critical factor in achieving excellent orthodontic results is the skill and dedication of the treating orthodontist. Whether using traditional or digital braces, a successful outcome primarily relies on the orthodontist's ability to meticulously plan and proactively manage each case. At Life Orthodontics, we take immense pride in our award-winning team, who we believe are the best orthodontists in Tustin. Their expertise and commitment to patient care ensure that every treatment is personalized and effective.

In conclusion, while both KLOwen and LightForce braces offer digital, custom orthodontic solutions, at Life Orthodontics, we have chosen to use KLOwen because of its versatility and price point. Regardless of the type of braces chosen though, the expertise of your orthodontist plays the most important role in your treatment's success. If you're interested in digital, custom braces to reduce your treatment time and number of appointments, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Life Orthodontics and experience the future of orthodontic care today. Serving patients from Tustin, Irvine, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, and beyond, we take pride in our humble pursuit of excellence and our commitment to providing the best service and experience possible.

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