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The Story of InBrace: A Tale of Innovation and Expertise at Life Orthodontics

April 29, 2024

In 2012, InBrace was conceived at USC through the collaboration of three orthodontists and two engineers, including our own Dr. Robert Lee. Alongside Dr. Hongsheng Tong and Dr. John Pham, Dr. Lee embarked on a journey to redefine orthodontic treatment. Their groundbreaking work at USC garnered numerous awards, laying the foundation for what would become a game-changing innovation in orthodontics.

Dr. Lee's Early Contributions

As a co-inventor of InBrace, Dr. Robert Lee played a pivotal role as the designer of the Generation 1.0 InBrace brackets and Smartwires. Additionally, Dr. Lee used his engineering background to help Dr. Tong develop the manufacturing process for InBrace. The manufacturing process devised by Dr. Lee and Dr. Tong continues to serve as the foundation for InBrace’s technology today.


The Birth of the Company InBrace

In 2014, fueled by their shared vision for transforming orthodontic care, Dr. Lee and his colleagues founded the company Swift Health Systems, Inc., operating as InBrace. Since its establishment, the company has successfully raised over $200 million, a testament to the widespread adoption and positive reception of InBrace by patients.


Generation 2.0: A Leap Forward

In 2022, InBrace launched Generation 2.0, marking a significant leap forward in their product. Dr. Lee helped guide the product development from a clinical perspective and led the Generation 2.0 clinical trials as the Principal Investigator. Today, he continues to guide InBrace as their Senior Clinical Advisor and Head of Clinical Affairs where he creates the clinical protocols and educational content that all other orthodontists learn from.


Expanding Access with InStudio Orthodontics

In 2022, InBrace expanded its reach by opening the InStudio Orthodontics clinics. Dr. Sarah Pi was handpicked to serve as their first Lead Orthodontist. Dr. Pi's expertise and dedication quickly also made her a key clinical advisor for InBrace. Today, she continues to advise the company and share her knowledge of InBrace with orthodontists across the country.


Foremost Authorities in InBrace: Setting the Standard for Excellence

At Life Orthodontics, Dr. Lee and Dr. Pi stand as the foremost authorities in InBrace. With unrivaled expertise and experience, they have treated and reviewed more InBrace cases than anyone else in the world. Their contributions extend beyond the clinic; they have authored the textbook on InBrace and continue to train orthodontists nationwide to incorporate InBrace into their practices. Dr. Lee most recently authored the 10 Commandments of InBrace Treatment that serve as the definitive rules that many other orthodontists now follow.

If you're looking for an orthodontist in Orange County to treat you with InBrace, then Life Orthodontics is the best place for you. At Life Orthodontics, we proudly serve patients from all over Orange County: Tustin, Irvine, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, and more!

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