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Welcome to Life Orthodontics

April 29, 2024

Meet Dr. Lee And Dr. Pi!

Dr. Robert Lee and Dr. Sarah Pi believe in treating patients like their own family with integrity, kindness, and excellence. Their mission in establishing Life Orthodontics was to create an orthodontic practice that their patients could call their ortho home where they are treated like family, where they will receive high-quality comprehensive care, and where their orthodontic needs are taken care of for life. Dr. Robert Lee and Dr. Sarah Pi are board-certified orthodontists who earned their degrees at UCLA and UCSF. Passionate about their field as well as education, they continue to teach as part-time professors at UCSF on clear aligner therapy (Invisalign). They are also the co-inventors and foremost authorities of InBrace (behind-the-teeth braces), contributing to the development of the orthodontic technology and even writing the textbook on the system.

Your Ortho Home

We go above and beyond traditional orthodontic care to provide you with a warm and inviting Ortho Home where you’re comfortable and treated like family. We use state-of-the-art technology and a personalized approach to meticulously craft your forever smile, tailored to your unique needs. As your Ortho Home, our commitment to your smile never ends, so we insure your smile forever through our exclusive Smile for Life Guarantee.

Smile for Life Guarantee

At Life Orthodontics, every patient receives our exclusive Smile for Life Guarantee which comes with Retainer Insurance and Life Smile Insurance. With Retainer Insurance, don’t worry if you ever lose or break your retainer! We’ll replace your retainers for a minimal copay, so you can keep your forever smile intact. With Life Smile Insurance, don’t worry if your teeth ever shift on you! We’ll retreat you for a minimal copay per month to restore your forever smile.

Clinical Excellence and Efficiency

Because we treat our patients like family and are committed to maintaining your smile for life, we take pride in creating high-quality smiles that are crafted to last a lifetime. Life Orthodontics is one of the few orthodontic practices that embraces a fully digital workflow, leading to faster treatment and fewer appointments. Prior to commencing treatment, we meticulously plan out every smile on the computer, enabling us to chart the most efficient path toward achieving your dream smile. Schedule your appointment today to get started!

Are You Ready to

Smile For Life?

Are You Ready to

Smile For Life?